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Cheque Reconciliation Report

The Cheque Reconciliation Report is used in conjunction with the Cheque Reconciliation Processing application.  This report may also be used to print a list of voided cheques, unreconciled cheques or all cheques for any date range specified.  From the Accounts Payable Reports menu select Cheque Reconciliation Report.

The general ledger account number for each currency is defined in the Currency Code Maintenance application.  Any valid bank account may be selected by specifying the associated Currency Code.

Note:  Multiple accounts for home currency only may be selected.  *SEE Please reference the Currency Code Maintenance application for a detailed description of defining cash accounts.

Enter the Currency Code or press F5 to select from a list of valid Currency Codes.  If the home Currency Code has been selected, an alternate cash account may be specified by entering the account number or alternatively, pressing F5 on the account number field to select from a list of valid account numbers.  If a foreign Currency Code is selected, the cursor will not park on the account number field and users must accept the cash account number specified for the selected currency.

The Cheque reconciliation Report will include cheques for any date range.  Enter the From/thru date of the cheques you wish to be included.

Valid report parameter selections include; unreconciled cheques only, reconciled cheques only, voided cheques only, or ALL.  Click on the selection section to the left of the parameters you wish to include in the report.

Specify the reconciliation cutoff date for the report.  Any valid date is accepted.

Enter P to print or V to view.  This report may be generated as many times as required.  An example report follows.