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Global Currency Adjustment

Global Currency Adjustments is one of the most important programs in The Currency Manager.   This routine will generate all necessary exchange adjustments for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.   Essentially The Currency Manager examines existing distributions generated by all posting programs and generates additional distributions in the A/R or A/P sub ledgers.   Adjustments will be generated only once even if the program is run many times.   This is useful for re-generating the extensive audit trail in the future really eliminating the need for paper trails.  Each time the program is run a report automatically prints listing all transactions in the native currency and the adjustments made to convert them to home currency.

NOTE:  You must not purge distribution detail with the purge option in  the A/R or A/P Distribution to G/L Reports or when transactions are interfaced to G/L.   Essential linkages will be lost and foreign currency transaction processing will be incomplete.

Global Currency adjustments may be run after every posting or date ranges can be specified that include  postings from earlier dates.   Once a transaction has been converted it is flagged as complete and no duplication is allowed.

Fill in the appropriate fields to select the adjustments to be run and the date ranges for these adjustments and press Y to start the application.

Reports are printed for all Journal Sources with a separate heading for each one. These reports can also be viewed or printed from the Reports section of The Currency Manager at any time until data is purged by the user.

The following example of a report lists adjustments generated by The Currency Manager for cheques with foreign vendors.